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Pastor Robert E. Drake II

     Pastor Robert Drake, II (Rob) was born January 27, 1971 to parents, father Pastor Robert Drake and mother Rosie Drake.  He was led to Jesus in 1982 by his parents. He graduated from Willowridge High School, in Houston Texas with the class of 1989.  After graduation he made a choice to serve Jesus rather than pursue a football or music career.  He was married to his beloved Tivina Strong, June 28, 1991. Pastor Rob and Tivina were miraculously blessed with a baby boy on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1993 who was named Robert Drake III, affectionately called RED.


     After receiving Jesus at the age of 11, he spent the following years being discipled as a Christian in Home Bible Study, Sunday School, and Bible Studies at the Neighborhood Bible Study Ministries (NBSM)-Rivers of Water (ROW) Church. He was also exposed to evangelism as he followed his father mostly everywhere preaching and ministering.  In February 1993 he accepted his call to the Gospel Ministry and received his license to preach.  In September 1994 he was ordained as a Minister under the leadership of his father Pastor Robert Drake.


     Prior to his appointment to Pastor, he faithfully served at the Rivers of Water Church, demonstrating godly fear, a genuine love for Jesus, respect for authority and love for the saints.  He has preached the gospel of Jesus Christ with fire, conviction and compassion for more than 26 years. The Lord has used his preaching, teaching and service to inspire the many, both saints and those who were lost: to come to know and love God; to follow leadership; to maintain good Christian behavior; and to serve Jesus faithfully with all their hearts, mind, soul and strength. 

He served as a leader in many aspects of the church including on the Board of Directors, as Vice Director of Local Ministries and Home Ministries which responsibilities included oversite of: Minsters, Servants, Church Security, Education Department, and as Youth Leader, Youth Director, Star of Hope’s youth ministry, Praise Team Leader, to name a few. 

His foreign mission travels have included Aruba, West Indies, Port au Prince, Haiti, and most recently Lagos, Nigeria. 


     Pastor Rob succeeded his beloved father Pastor Robert Drake founder of the NBSM ROW Church who went home to be with Lord.  Pastor Rob upon his profession of God’s calling to pastor, he was installed as Pastor of NBSM ROW Church June 30, 2019 by the laying on of hands of the church ordained ministers before the congregation.  Pastor Rob preached his first message to the church body “A Unique Kind Of Love”, a simple but profound message crying out “God loves you, really loves you!”

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